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You think guides and internet research can help you discover Portugal’s attractions? Think again. It may not be featured in Portugal’s touristic attractions, but chances are, you will be been stepping on a piece of art from the moment your feet hit Portuguese ground.

Traditional Portuguese pavement is regarded by many as an art form. It is unique in its style and a reflection of the country where it was invented. Through the Portuguese colonial empire it would leave its mark on several parts of the world.

The first-ever reference made to this striking pavement can be found in ...continue reading

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It may not rank number 1 in Portugal’s tourist attractions, but this architectural landmark is bound to be an excellent complement to your vacations in Portugal. Coloring the national and international musical landscape since 2005, the Casa da Música (House of Music) in the northern city of Porto did not have an easy start.

Initially conceived as part and parcel of the European Capital of Culture Event in 2001, the project suffered multiple delays and did not manage to start its activity until four years later. Nor was this project completely devoid of controversy: the outstanding concert hall was designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, who envisioned a temple to music featuring a unique geometrical shape (which is possibly best described as an unpolished, black diamond in the rough), a choice that posed quite a few new challenges ...continue reading