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Earlier this month Lisbon won the World Travel Award for Best City Break on a Budget. This award (known as one of the Oscars of Travel) adds to several others this city has received in the recent past including: European City of the Year, and UNESCO award for Fado last year.

This is one of the oldest cities in the world, and the oldest city in Western Europe, predating other modern European capitals such as London, Paris and Rome by hundreds of years. Lisbon was Portugal's door to the world. It was from its docks that most of the Portuguese ships sailed away to discover regions as far and diverse as: Brazil or India. This longstanding history, is reflected in the music, culinary and cultural diversity that you can see and experience in Lisbon.

Known as the "city of light", Lisbon has been praised by its breathtaking historical quarters and most amazing displays of fado (Portuguese traditional music). Today, Lisbon features a perfect mix between the old and the new. You can see the Medieval Cathedral (Sé Catedral) and just a few minutes away you can see some pieces of art and architecture from leading international designers like Santiago Calatrava or Siza Vieira.

A long list of amazing surrounding regions help boost the list of attractions. Just a few minutes away you can visit other rich historical places like Sintra or Óbidos, or enjoy some of the best European beaches in Cascais ou Tróia.

Finally, you can’t experience Lisbon without tasting its world class cuisine. In Portugal, and Lisbon, you'll find some of the best fish in the world, amazing meats, and sweets and pastries that will make you wish you had booked a longer stay.

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