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Last week Portugal, like most of the western world, celebrated St. Valentine’s day. Many travelers chose this time of the year for a romantic getaway. Porto and Lisbon were two of the top destinations for this.

This is easy to understand. With centuries of rich history, charming old quarters peppered with modern art and architecture, friendly people, rich food, and unavoidable wines, Porto is one of the hottest destinations in Europe. So much so that last week it won the award for “Best European Destination for 2014” by the “European Consumers Choice”.

Lisbon doesn't fall short of romantic either. With its seven hills, facing the Tagus, and centuries old alleyways bathed by a natural light that makes you believe you’re in a movie set, Lisbon has an honorary seat in the list of most romantic cities in the World. Like the Daily Mail once described it “even smiling middle-aged couples stroll along its leafy avenues and sun-bleached plazas as if out on a first date.”

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