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A long time ago in a castle near Lisbon a ferocious and satanic man dedicated his time to wizardry. One day he decided to marry and asked help from his rock crystal blade to find the most beautiful woman possible. When his horsemen brought in the woman he couldn’t believe how beautiful she actually was. In fact, her beauty made him so jealous and afraid someone would steal her love that he ordered her be kept away from other people. Some say though that he did this because he wasn’t able to get her to love him.

So the woman was placed in a cold and lonely castle tower. Locked away, just like people do with things they simultaneously love and hate… The rich man chose a guard who was his most loyal man, and also the only one who had never seen her beauty, so that he would stand guard without feelings of envy or temptation.

Close to the sea, time in the castle passed by, with the pace set by the tides. Weeks and months went by with the succession of days and nights. The captive woman was as lonely as the guard keeping her away from the world. Both shared the same horizon. The ocean. Always different but always the same. The music they shared was a mix of their own thoughts, the sounds of the ocean, and the wind blowing by the rocks and the castle walls.

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